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Who we are

We have been in business since 1995. We do business to business marketing for commercial & benefits insurance. Signature also specializes in direct mail nationwide for insurance firms & mortgage brokerages


If you want high quality appointments where the prospect knows why you are there and the policies are renewing, Signature is the best bang for my dollar.

See how we can help

Our initial calling to these businesses is to develop a lead. See why we are one of the best in customer satisfaction.



At Signature Marketing our objective is simple. Create a well rounded prospecting program to get our clients to the bottom line, writing new business.  Our goal is to build a long term relationship with our clients so everybody wins in the end.

At Signature, we do business to business calling to generate activity for all ranges of commercial, benefits and professional liability insurance. We can help tailor a program that will generate the results you need. Whether it’s a certain amount of appointments per month, return on investment, or based on your budget. We help our customers reach their business objectives by using an experienced staff of account representatives who are knowledgeable in the commercial insurance industry. Our experienced reps can focus on any type of company size, industry, and geographic location to get you in front of interested qualified prospects. We feel that communication and service are the keys to a successful prospecting program. You deal directly with the account rep that sets your appointments’. That way there will be no confusion when you have questions about your program. Dealing directly with our rep, you can get quick answers on activity, appointments, and scheduling conflicts. No more having to wait for management to get back to you and answer these simple questions.

Signature also offers easy payment options.

Why sink your whole investment into a program that hasn't provided any results yet?

We can base your programs on the budget you have today. We offer our appointments on a, “Pay-Per Appointment”, basis. You only pay for the appointments you go out on. No more having to pay up front and wonder about the outcome. You only pay for results! 

Let Signature Marketing to handle all of your new business insurance prospecting needs. You can contact us by phone or e-mail. 877-466-8445 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.