Employee Benefits

Group Benefits/Group Health as it can be referred to as are the benefits that employees have. The main benefit for employees is of course Health Insurance. There are other ancillary products (other benefits offered based on what the business provides) such as dental, vision, life, 401k, long-term disability, short-term disability, etc., etc. For the sake of our calls we lead into these calls with the health insurance and then asking what other benefits are offered. A requirement for health leads is to find out how many total employees at the co. and how many employees are actually covered under the benefits plan. We also like to find out what type of plan they have (PPO, HMO, etc.). And again, who their carrier and/or agency/broker is. The different benefits can have the same renewal date and carrier or all different. In a nutshell, the Signature Marketing cycle can be broken down into two phases  gathering information during the lead phase and then following up on these leads to set-up appointments for our clients to go meet with the businesses around the company's renewal time. (when their x-date is)