Lead Generation

Our initial calling to these businesses is to develop a lead. What we consider a lead is when we speak with the person/dept. that is in charge of the insurance and find out things like

  • X-Date – date(s) that the insurance policies renew during the year.

  • Who is insuring them – insurance carrier and broker info.

  • # of employees

  • # of locations

  • # of autos.

  • E-Mail or fax number  

  • We also do our best to simply engage in conversations with these prospects to uncover anything else that might help out on the next call, such as….when they start looking at other options, do they have a relationship with their current agency/broker, what would get them to change their insurance come renewal time, how much they’re paying for their insurance (ie…premium), etc.

  • Who makes the decision when buying the insurance for the company.