Program Specifics

Signature Marketing, Inc. assists commercial insurance agents/brokers across the U.S. with commercial insurance lead generation and appointment setting.  We target the classes of businesses our clients specialize in writing, businesses size, within their geographical areas.  Our initial calling to these businesses is to develop a “lead”.  What we consider a lead is when we speak with the person/dept. that is in charge of the insurance and find out things like….

1.       X-Date – date(s) that the insurance policies renew during the year.
2.       Who is insuring them – insurance carrier and broker info.
3.       # of employees
4.       # of locations
5.       # of autos.
6.       E-Mail Address
7. We also do our best to simply engage in conversations with these prospects to uncover anything else that might help out on the next call, such as….when they start looking at other options, do they have a relationship with their current agency/broker, what would get them to change their insurance come renewal time, how much they’re paying for their insurance (ie…premium), etc.
8.       If they make the final decision when buying insurance for the company.

We normally start calling back on these “leads” 4 months prior to the “x-date” of the lead, or when the insurance policy renews for the business.  This enables us enough time to be able to set-up an appointment for our client to meet with the business to review their insurance for them.  This is the final phase of our program where we deliver “appointments” to our clients. 

Signature Marketing calls exclusively for business insurance for our clients. All information gathered on behalf of our clients is proprietary to them.  

Commercial Insurance:  Commercial Insurance or P&C Insurance (Property & Casualty Insurance) are the lines of coverage that cover a business. 

There are many lines/types of policies, but for the sake of our calls we’re mainly concentrating on the following….

A. Property / General Liability,

B. Workers Compensation, 

C. Commercial Auto Insurance. 

These three policies, respectively, would cover things like the building, employees, and vehicles.  Each policy can renew at the same time with the same insurance carrier, or they can all renew at different times with different insurance carriers.  Therefore, it’s our job to uncover what renews at what point in the year and with whom. 

We need to gather information on these leads that pertain to the lines of coverage – 

# employees, # of locations, # of autos and e-mail address.

 In a nutshell, the Signature Marketing cycle can be broken down into 3 phases:

1. Compiling a calling list based of the following Criteria:

SIC Codes – Employee Size – Geographical Area

2. Gathering information during the “X-Date Lead” phase a determining if the insured is open to reviewing their policies with an outside agent and profiling the company (Gathering info)

3. Calling back these X-Date Leads to set-up “face to face” exclusive appointments for our clients to go meet with the businesses around the companies’ renewal time (ie…when their x-date is). This is where our clients write new accounts and build their book of business.


All phases are billed on a “Pay as you go” basis. You only pay for results!!!