Several months ago I researched several telemarketing firms that set Commercial appointments for P&C agents. Ultimately, I selected Signature Marketing and I am happy that I did. I purchased a large campaign and plan on purchasing another campaign from Signature Marketing when our current contract has been completed. It's quite simple - it works and more than pays for itself. I highly recommend your services to any agent. Thanks for the good appointments that you set for us!



 I am Walt Labuda of the Grapeville Agency in upstate NY. Our Agency has used Signature Marketing’s lead service for several years with great success. I would credit Signature Marketing for our record growth in commercial lines premium in 2013.



 I have used telemarketers and appointment setters in the past without great success. So when I started with Signature marketing, I went in a little skeptical. However, they have been great to work with. Mike and James are both very responsive. They do what they say. The appointments they set are screened and qualified as they say, and they provide good communication between the prospect and my agency. We have been very successful in converting many of the prospects to clients, and the program has more than paid for itself. In fact I have been so pleased that I started another campaign for one of my producers, and renewed my campaign for this upcoming year. Definitely one of the most successful marketing campaigns I have done.



 Our Agency is going into the second year of using Signature Marketing and couldn't be happier with the success our partnership has brought. Signature Marketing’s services has increased our commercial sales substantially and the ease of doing business with the employees at Signature couldn't be smoother. We are looking forward to 2014 and the growth our partnership has gained with Signature.



 Signature Marketing has helped my agency grow at a time where as a producer/owner with my time being occupied with administrative duties, they continued to establish prospects for me in which forced me to continue quoting business. I would recommend the use of Signature Marketing.



 I have been working with signature marketing since my agency opened and it has more than paid for itself. I have tried other firms and no one compares to Signature. Their appointment sheets are always accurate and their staff is extremely professional. I plan to continue my relationship with Signature for many years to come.



 I have been working with signature marketing for the past 5 months and have found their service to be great. The appointments have been excellent. The prospects are well prepared for the appointment. Signature is just an extension of my agency.



 As President of ALLCHOICE Insurance, my primary goal is to get my agents in front of as many qualified prospects as possible. As an agency, I know that if I (or my agents) can get in front of the right person (at the right time) we will close 70-80% of the time. The problem is that there aren’t enough ours in the day to prospect for the right accounts. That is where Signature Marketing steps in! Having never used a lead generation solution before, I was skeptical about what I could expect. Now, after less than a year, I have no doubt that my ROI with Signature Marketing will exceed my expectations! The only problem I have with Signature Marketing, and really this was an internal problem on my end, is that I was getting TOO MANY qualified leads! Now, that we have the right processes and procedures in place I am better equipped to handle the amount of GREAT leads we get. In fact, my top agent says that when he walks into an account…the prospect has all of the information needed for us to put together a proposal. I would highly recommend Signature Marketing to any Insurance Agent that wants to take his/her business to the next level.



 Our agency has used Signature Marketing for about 5 years and have found them to be the best telemarketing firm, of many, that we have worked with. Mike has worked closely with us to develop our target audience and the results have been impressive. Signature is really good about crediting back the occasional appointments that don’t keep, which helps to control our costs. If you need more appointments to grow your business, then I suggest you give them a call.



 I have used Signature Marketing since 2008 and could not be more pleased. The appointments are of the highest quality. The prospect sheets are accurate and complete.  To date I have not arrived at a single appointment where the prospect is not expecting my arrival. I have tried several competitors and none are even close to the quality. Others I have tried have set appointments with prospects that seem clueless when I arrive or they want a quote in midterm. I never tried the ones that  want to charge $300 per hour for their phone solicitations with no guarantee of any appointments. With Signature Marketing I only pay for appointments.
If you want high quality appointments where the prospect knows why you are there and the policies are renewing, Signature is the best bang for my dollar.



 I highly recommend Signature Marketing, Inc and their services when it comes to Commercial Insurance appointment setting. Our Nationwide Agency has been very pleased with their execution in calling and setting appointments from our list of commercial prospects. Their communication is excellent, management is responsive, calling agents are very professional and, within our set parameters, they are very successful at reaching our target contacts.



 We have been working with Signature Marketing for a number of years and have been very pleased with our relationship.  First of all, the quality of leads/appointments provided by Signature Marketing is outstanding.  The appointment setters follow our pre-set guidelines and provide only leads that fall within those specific parameters.  Secondly, their "pay-as-you-go" program is extremely cost effective and has worked out very well for our agency.  Finally, everyone at Signature Marketing is extremely helpful and professional.  We would highly recommend Signature Marketing to any agency looking to increase their client base.  They are top-notch!



 I have been working with signature marketing for 2 years now and it has more than paid for itself. In addition to increasing revenues, Signature Marketing has been a joy to work with. They even worked a monthly pay plan for my campaign that benefited me greatly from a cash flow standpoint. I have tried many marketing firms  and signature has earned my trust.




 Signature marketing has been an excellent tool helping our business grow. The appointments we get are with actual decision makers and all cancelled appointments get refunded no questions asked. With the type of clients we are being able to access through Signature marketing. I am confident our Agency will reach a new level.
We are now meeting with new mid-market risks on a weekly basis.